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Living in such a great community, many people find it hard to believe that child abuse exists in Medina County. Since the Children's Center opened in 2007, the center has helped over 500 children heal from sexual abuse. 

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The Mission of the Children's Center of Medina County is to nurture abused and neglected children through collaboration, advocacy, treatment, and prevention.


The Children's Center of Medina County goals are:
  • to provide consistent and compassionate care and support to children and their non-offending caretaker(s).
  • to reduce the number of needed interviews for children who have experienced sexual abuse.
  • to ensure the childs entire physical health with timely medical evaluation.
  • to promote healing by ensuring each child receives the appropriate healthcare treatment plan.
  • to increase the prosecution of those who sexually abuse children.
  • to provide a family friendly place where children in foster care and their families can remain connected during their time of separation.
  • to increase public awareness of child sexual abuse
  • to provide prevention strategies and programing to prevent child sexual abuse for those who care for children.

Advocating, Educating, and Empowering children and those who provide for them.

The Children's Center is located at 200 Highland Drive, Medina Ohio
330-764-8891 ext. 214


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