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Living in such a great community, many people find it hard to believe that child abuse exists in Medina County. Since the Children's Center opened in 2007, the center has helped over 500 children heal from sexual abuse. 

Child Advocacy Center


The goal of the child advocacy center is to aid the development of a Multidisciplinary Team response of child sexual abuse and serious physical abuse in a neutral, child friendly environment. The center is dedicated to reducing trauma to child victims through an interagency approach which will minimize the number of interviews required, provide specialized on-site medical evaluation and treatment, and provide specialized intervention for ongoing community services. At the child advocacy center we bring together the necessary specialist to promote healing that we call a multidisciplinary team, which includes Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, Prosecutor's Office, Victim Assistance, Cornerstone Psychology Services, Medina County Health Department, and the Children's Center Staff.

Prior to the Child Advocacy Center children would have to tell their story a minimum of three times to different individuals and agencies. At the Children's Center, children will tell their story one time during a recorded interview that the multidisciplinary team views. Interviews are conducted by a trained Social Worker from Child Protective Services.

Following the interview the child will receive an on-site medical evaluation from our highly trained Pediatric Nurse Practioner that has extensive sexual abuse training.

After the medical exam the family is provided therapeutic services to start the healing process.

Finally, the multidisciplinary team meets regularly to make sure these families are receiving what they need to continue the healing process.

In Medina County the Children's Center averages over 100 children each year that require child advocacy services. By providing a multidisciplinary team approach to child sexual abuse we provide the Medina County community a 36% savings compared to traditional approaches that had these children going to multiple locations and retelling their story at each location. Prior to the Children's Centers existence sexually abused children would have to go to multiple agencies throughout Medina County and they would have to go out of county for a specialized medical exam. We are so lucky in Medina County to have a child advocacy center available so that our children and families can heal and receive vital services close to home!


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