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Living in such a great community, many people find it hard to believe that child abuse exists in Medina County. Since the Children's Center opened in 2007, the center has helped over 500 children heal from sexual abuse. 

Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking in the U.S. is a $9.8 Billion industry that forces the most vulnerable among us into the horrors of modern-day slavery. Criminals who are involved in traffick-ing other human beings prey upon those already at risk in our society, often our children. Children who are exploited through prostitution, pornography, and sexual entertainment are victims of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Children are living in the shadows, they are no longer a person they are a price.  Traffickers commonly sell underage girls for $400 per hour or more. 13 Years Old is the average age when a child is first exploited through prostitution.

A trafficker is anyone who profits by receiving cash or other benefits for sex with a minor. These criminals are often called pimps. Across the United States, family members, friends, “boyfriends” can be pimps and traffickers.

America’s fascination with pornography and prostitution is linked to demand. Those who purchase sex or pornography are fueling the commercial sex industry and contributing to the exploitation of America’s children. Buyers come from all ages, occupations, and ethnicities.

Warning Signs

 · Significantly older boyfriend
· History of sexual abuse or rape
· Signs of trauma (physical or other)
· Travel with older male (not guardian)
· Chronic runaway
· Multiple delinquent charges
· Homelessness
· Special marked tattoos
· Substance abuse
· Difficulty in school or dropping out

If you think Human trafficking does not happen in Ohio, think again:
More than 1,000 children are believed to be sexually exploited in Ohio alone, and the number does not include the countless adult sex trafficking victims or labor trafficking victims in Ohio.
Why Ohio:
· Ohio has an extensive interstate system, with 5 interstates intersecting at different points in the state.
· Ohio is easily accessible from Canada through Michigan.
· Ohio has the most truck stops in the U.S. and much sex trafficking of minors happens at truck stops.
· Ohio has the fifth most strip clubs in the U.S.
· Ohio has high levels of poverty and was ranked 42 out of 50 in “children’s vulnerability to homelessness.”
· Ohio is within a one day drive of many major cities in the U.S. including Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and New York City.  
 *Statistics from ODJFS Foster Care ParentTraining and Shared Hope International

For more information:
National Human Trafficking
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